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The EU steel industry has undergone a long period of crisis since 2008 with the consequent reduction in production, capacity and restructuring and it is still experiencing a rapid evolution, both in terms of its business and management structures and from a technological point of view too. Such developments have implications for the steel market as well as the production cycle. In order to successfully manage these developments, operatives need to possess analytical and managerial skills, supported by a deep knowledge of the industry. They need to understand and address the technology driven operational and organisational changes taking place within their companies. This is essential to allow the middle management to be actively involved in the implementation of company policies and to shape and contribute positively to on-going developments.


The Eurosteelmaster is aimed at managers, technical staff, researchers, trade unionists and other professionals operating in the steel industry and in closely related areas. Participants should possess a university degree or equivalent experience.


The course is organized by CSM with the support of European Commission, EUROFER, Federacciai, ESTEP – European Steel Technology Platform. We welcome cooperation with EU interested parties, on the basis of enrollment of participants from the main European Steel and related Companies and we are open to any suggestion concerning both programme contents and high level speakers.